The Meditation room that we use in Warwick – The Friends Meeting House – was built in 1695. Since that time members of the public have gathered each week to sit in silence for one-hour.
This gives the room a special ambience, perfect for the one day Gratitude retreat on Saturday October 15th.

A place on the retreat also includes a copy of the book, Guide to the Grateful Way of Life.

What happens if you train in Gratitude: If you take your time as you train in Gratitude, your mind will relax, and a calm smile will appear on your face. I like to call this ‘The Buddha Smile’. A warm, happy, and peaceful experience. When you look up and out at your world, there will be a softness in your eyes and an openness in your heart; this will naturally uplift your mind and allow you to transcend the stress of modern life.

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One of the reviews from the last retreat in Warwick in May 2022:
“A perfect venue with a lovely garden and distant sounds of birds, even peacocks. A day spent on reflection, with peace and calmness.
Uplifting for myself as I ‘opted out from the chaos in my world’ plus meeting a lovely group of people.
Thank you to Adam and to The Group.” Ros Howard
Image courtesy of Warwick Quaker Meeting House.