Dear friends,

There are a lot of new courses, retreats, and news to share with you this month!


After many requests finally, the online mantra course starts from mid-April. Once a month for seven months we’ll learn a mantra that will help to strengthen and focus our meditation practices. Each month there is a different theme: Meditation | Compassion | Purification | Loving Kindness | Wisdom | Healing | Knowledge. Find out more here.
New Mindspace+
Once you’ve complete a beginners course, you can join the Mindspace+ series. The new course will explore the theme, Guide to the Balanced Way of Life, an inspirational series of Mindful Meditation practices that encourage harmony and balance in the mind. In-person and live-stream classes start week beginning 9/05/22. Each class lasts around one hour, including guided meditation, teaching. Find out more here.
Beginners Course
Early May also sees the start of the new beginners’ term. Spread over eight weeks, learn essential mindful themes to help bring your attention into the present moment. A good refresher or consider sharing news of the course with a friend or family member who may need support with their mental health. Find out more here.
I take teaching requests so let me know if you’re based in a certain area where there are currently no in-person classes. Also if there are any Meditation subjects you would like to explore and gain a deeper knowledge of, consider making a request.
Warwick Day Gratitude Retreat with Book
There have been requests to visit the Warwick/Leamington Spa area, and I’m delighted to announce the first, day retreat in Warwick where we’ll spend the day meditating on the theme of Gratitude taking practices from the book, Guide to the Grateful Way of Life. The day retreat also includes a copy of the Gratitude book to take home with you. Find out more here.
As you may remember, during the end of 2021 I launched Mindspace in Prisons. Many thanks to those who have supported this work by sponsoring a book – this positive engagement has resulted in a new version of Guide to the Mindful Way of Life being printed. I’ll let you know when your copy has been sent into prison and will enclose your message if you’ve included one. Next Friday, for the first time, I’ll be visiting Oakwood Prison to speak to the prisoners directly and guide them through some of the meditation practices.
Now that schools are opening up to visits, they can take advantage of Meditation in Schools. Several weeks ago, I shared essential mindful practices with around 350 students from a primary school in Hertfordshire and all their teachers. This session ended up being delivered online via Zoom, which meant that even more students could engage with the practices. So if you’re connected to a school, consider suggesting one of these workshops to help bring calm and stillness into the classroom.
New Online Meditations
If you’re looking to refresh your meditation practice check out some of the new online guided meditations posted on the homepage of the Mindspace website, where you can train in joy and compassion.
All the best for the month ahead,