Dear friends,

I wish you a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year.

2022: The year we travel joyfully to Nirvana!

We’re starting slowly, with the new eight-week term commencing in the final week of January, from Monday 24th. Both in-person and online classes are available for you to enjoy.
Mondays: Livestream – Online Streamed to Your Home
Tuesdays: Sutton Coldfield – Bishop Vesey School
Wednesdays: Tettenhall – Newman Centre
Thursdays: Solihull – John Palmer Hall
The Mindspace+ course this term will be exploring Guide to the Joyful Way of Life. It’s the Mindspace+ you’ve been waiting for!
Learn how to ignite, maintain, and increase the mind of joy through the practice of Mindful Meditation. Through learning how to increase joy in your mind, your happiness, well-being and mental health will strengthen, and you’ll discover the true meaning of your precious human life. The in-person classes are at 6.15pm. The online livestream will be at 7.30pm. Reserve your seat here.
Beginners’ Classes
In-person beginner classes will be from 7.30pm in all locations. It is an opportunity for those new to Mindful Meditation to learn a series of eight essential practices to find the flow in their lives. Details here.
Throughout the year, there will be day, silent and weekend retreats in scenic locations of blissful, natural beauty, helping you gain a more profound experience of Meditation. With a deeper experience, we can integrate our understanding into daily life and witness first-hand all the great benefits of Meditation.
All the best for the year ahead,
Adam Dacey