New Year Zen Retreat December 31st, 2021

See the New Year in with a peaceful mind, creating the perfect environment for establishing resolutions that we can maintain.

Each session is approximately 35 minutes in length. They include: A short five minute reading from Find your Zen A twenty five minute group meditation using the bell. A two minute fire A dedication for global healing The sessions times are: GMT Session 1: 10.30am Session 2: 1.30pm Session 3: 4.00pm Session 4: 6.30pm Session 5: 9.30pm Session 6: 11.30pm

Make the intention to join all the session or attend ones that you are able to.

They will all be streamed on the Mindspace website and YouTube here.

To connect more with the event – say hi in the live chat!

I wish you a happy new year.

Best wishes Adam ….

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