Welcome to November News!

This month sees the launch of a new Mindspace+ course entitled:
The Art of Patience – Meditations to Cultivate this Essential State of Mind  

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The Art of Patience is a seven week Mindspace+ course which will be livestreamed weekly from Wednesday 17th November, 6.15-7.15pm GMT via Zoom. Recordings are also available if you can’t make the livestream class and/or would like to review the session.

Take a look at what’s in store.
Week 1: An Introduction to the Art of Patience
Gaining confidence in engaging in this art of the mind.
Week 2: The Benefits of Patience
Reflecting on the many benefits of patience to encourage ourself to train.
Week 3: The Patience of Acceptance
Learning to keep a peaceful mind when challenges arise.
Week 4: The Patience Definitely Thinking About Wisdom
Turning to wisdom in the middle of difficulties.
Week 5: The Patience of Not Retaliating
Respond with peace and letting go of resentment.
Week 6: Patience through the Festive Season
Moving into a patient world through focused practice.
Week 7: A Patient New Year
Moving into a patient year through focused practice.
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I wish you a patient month ahead 🙂

All the best,