Guide to the Mindful Way of Life is perfect for teachers who are looking to introduce short, essential mindfulness practices to their students and classroom.

This unique book presents eight, engaging mindful themes, presented in a way so you can read them out slowly and calmly to your class to help your students find peace, focus, and stillness in the middle of a busy school day.

The eight themes covered are:

Chapter 1: Mindful Listening
Chapter 2: Mindful Body
Chapter 3: Mindful Breathing
Chapter 4: Mindful Mind
Chapter 5: Mindful Movement
Chapter 6: Mindful Flow
Chapter 7: Mindful Sleep
Chapter 8: Mindful Heart

An invaluable resource which will empower all teachers experience in the classroom.

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The Guide introduces eight mindful themes which encourage you gently into the present moment. Helping you move away from the stress and anxiety which arise from being preoccupied with the future and past, and empowering you to have an inspirational journey through life. If you wish to have the book signed with a message, please make a note with your order.


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About the Book Mindful meditation has been practised extensively for over 2,500 years, this book draws from the richness of this ancient lineage while presenting the practices in a purely secular form, suitable for all.  The structure, content, and design of this book have arisen and evolved from over twenty years of continual teaching and study of these meditations. Practical methods to train the mind are introduced across eight main chapters, each beginning with the word ‘Mindful’. These chapters correspond to each week of the Mindful course. 

The book came from students requests who attend live courses, workshops and retreats, wishing to have a book, so that they could continue with their learning and practice at home. Written with the beginner in mind. This manual opens the door to the world of mindful meditation. If you already have some experience, The Guide will give you the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into your practice. Providing new and engaging practices which you can benefit from continually. The content within the pages will help you to train your mind and guide you into a mindful way of life. 

Mindful meditation is an inner pathway, meaning that the methods presented are inclusive and suitable for everyone. Working gradually through the text, and engaging with the practices in the order presented, will lead to beneficial results. If you are taking a live or online class in conjunction with this book, then the content will strengthen and enrich your learning. By practising regularly, and engaging practically with the instructions, you will be able to develop a stable mental foundation within your mind, for a peaceful and happy life. 

Covering a wide array of subjects, such as relationships, working, exercising, focusing, eating, relaxing and sleeping. You will find mindful practices, both short and extensive, that can be used throughout the day and night to strengthen and increase your well-being, mental health, and concentration.

By integrating the instructions with your daily activities, you will be able to develop the confidence needed to establish a mindful meditation practice, and consequently, enjoy all the benefits from this training. Following in the footsteps of the great meditation masters from the past, you too can come to enjoy serenity and bliss within your mind, and bring harmony to your world.

What’s Inside?

Each Chapter contains five essential practices.

Chapter 1: Mindful Listening
Chapter 2: Mindful Body
Chapter 3: Mindful Breathing
Chapter 4: Mindful Mind
Chapter 5: Mindful Movement
Chapter 6: Mindful Flow
Chapter 7: Mindful Sleep
Chapter 8: Mindful Heart
Conclusion & Condensed Version
Next Steps
Acknowledgements & Notes

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Guide to the Mindful Way of Life
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 3 reviews
 by Gina Zyla
Guide to the Mindful way of life

I thoroughly enjoyed Adams' book, each chapter gives you a different perspective on Mindfulness, e.g. Mindful Body and Mindful Heart. The chapters are very easy to read and you do have a personal input from Adam. My favourites were how to fall asleep peacefully and cherishing love.I recommend if you can to attend his Classes in the West Midlands to get the full benefit or do his classes online. All details are on his website. I have recommended Adams' books and courses to others they are so good.

 by charles newman
mindful way of life

Such a useful course, who'd have thought you could be so mindful in so many ways? Well I guess Adam did!

 by Nick Jones
Guide to the Mindful Way of Life

I found this book an excellent and really worthwhile read. There are a lot of books on mindfullness these days but i thought this particular book covered every aspect and brought awareness to many ways of being mindful i had not seen elsewhere. The format gives an opportunity to implement the practices in whatever way suits the individual. It is without doubt the best book ive read on the subject by an author who has so much personal experience in the field. A thorough, well simplified and brilliant read!!

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