Welcome to the new term which starts week beginning Monday September 13th.
Live Classes

Both in-person at local class venues and online through livestream.

Mondays: Online Livestream
Tuesdays: Sutton Coldfield
Wednesdays: Tettenhall
Thursdays: Solihull

The Mindspace+ class will be at 6.15 pm in all local venues but at 7.30 pm for the livestream. ‘Learn to Fly’ is the theme. The course will be based on the new book. Find out more here.

The Mindful Beginners course will be at 7.30 pm in all local venues but 6.15pm for the livestream. Details here.
Please book your seat soon if you wish to attend!
Silent Retreat
There will be a Silent Retreat in Malvern on Saturday October 2nd where we will be exploring the new book, Learn to Fly. This will be a great opportunity to spend time in a quiet, beautiful setting, deepening your experience of Meditation.
Book Launch and Half Day Retreat
The official book launch of Learn to Fly will be on Saturday October 16th at the Edgbaston Meeting House. This event is included in your course if you have booked the Mindful or Mindspace+ course this term. If not, please reserve your seat and book here.
Online Retreats
Bodhisattva – Morality/Karma.
Saturday 11th September
Have you ever thought: Why is this happening to me, now?’ or ‘Why isn’t this happening for me now?’ Well that’s because of your karma! On this upcoming online retreat we will explore this theme and be inspired how to become a Bodhisattva.
Sunday 26th September
At the end of each month we explore the theme of impermanence and how we can keep a happy mind in our ever changing world.
Find out more about these online retreats here.
Wishing you a happy month ahead.
All the best,