Summer Mindspace+ is going ahead as voted by your goodselves! find out more by watching this video:

Deep Mindspace
Joyful Meditations to Help Understand our World
Eight-Week Course. Starts June 30th
Weekly Live-Stream (or watch the recording)
This course takes place online through live-stream. Each week you will receive a link that will take you to the web page where you can take the live class. You will also receive audio resources after the class that you can practice during the week.
Week 1: An Introduction? – How to deepen our meditation practice
Week 2: The Joy of Meditation – ?Encouraging joy into our mind
Week 3: A Lighter Mind – ?Learning to let go of our changing world
Week 4: A Peaceful Understanding –
Exploring how to view the world in a peaceful way
Week 5: The Projector Mind – ?Investigating how our mind creates our world.
Week 6: No Selfie? – Understanding our self to free our mind
Week 7: An Ocean of Peace? – Discovering deep stillness and relaxation
Week 8: Inner Liberation – Free ourself from all negativity