Dear friends,

Welcome to June’s news. I hope that you’re well and have been enjoying the blue skies! As we head into the summer months, let’s take a look at what’s coming up for you both online and in person.

Summer Mindspace+
Voted by your good selves, through the summer months, we will be exploring the theme: Deep Mindspace: Joyful Meditations to Help Understand our World. This series lasts for eight weeks and starts from Wednesday 30th June. Booking and detail can be found here.

In-Person Classes
With venues now opening up, live classes and retreats will resume. Booking is now open for beginners’ courses in Sutton, Tettenhall, and Solihull, from the week beginning 13th September. We are still awaiting confirmation from the Harborne venue. Mindspace+ sessions will also run in these locations at 6.15 pm, and booking for this will open shortly.

Request a Retreat
If you have any requests for themes to cover on upcoming retreats for 2021/22, including this year’s Summer Retreat, please use this form here.

Mini-Retreats – book here
There are two online mini-retreats during June. We will be exploring Buddhas First Teaching and Maranasati (Meditations on Impermanence). These short sessions give you the chance to step back from the busyness and stress and find inner serenity and calm.

Nature Meditation
While on retreat in the Lake District this weekend, we live-streamed this Nature Meditation, which you can enjoy here. A Herdwick sheep joins us at around the twenty-three minutes mark!

Evening Group Sessions
The timetable for the group Meditation sessions this month also include evening sessions on Thursday-Sunday from 7.30 pm GMT; this includes tonight – join these on the Mindspace YouTube Channel.

Best wishes for the month ahead,