Sleeping mindfully will transform our lives. The quality of our sleep determines the quality of our waking life, and the quality of our waking life will determine the quality of our sleep. The following practices will help us to gain experience of a mindful sleep and give us the opportunity to rest deeply.

There is a wealth of information available on the subject of sleep. Most of it focuses on the time just leading up to sleep and the quality of the external environment during these moments. Advice and suggestions are given for a change of duvet, mattress, pillow or bed. Exploring different ways to ventilate the room and change the lighting mood. Perhaps even tips on how to purchase a special sleeping outfit.

One essential factor that is missing from most of the instructions and sleep advice in the public domain is the discussion around our mood and mental state during the waking day.

If we can train in all the practices mentioned in this book, then we will be giving ourselves a good opportunity to fall asleep peacefully. Processing and letting go of our stress, while on the move throughout the day, means we can sleep without carrying it into our dreams.

The final state of mind that we fall asleep with is the culmination of all the minds we have had during the day. If we can learn to relax and unwind the mind when we are awake, then this will help us to fall asleep, peacefully and mindfully. If we allow our mind to be wound up during the day and let it be at the whim of distraction, it is unrealistic to then be able to expect to fall asleep straight away and have a peaceful, calm night.

Appreciating that the process of having a mindful sleep is a holistic, organic process that depends upon our other mindful practices, will ensure that we have the best possible opportunity to benefit from this training.

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