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The extraordinary space in our mind.
We have vast space in our mind.
I just need some space.
Where can we get space from. By training in recognising the space inside of us.
Moving on and beyond the usual worries and concerns which limit our mind.
Taking sides.
Seeing everything as one way or the other.
With the blue sky mind we go beyond the worries and conceptions and see that there is much more.
Its right here.
Just by creating the conditions in meditation we can start to tap into the vastness wherever we are.
We need little reminders.
Although we have this extraordinary potential. We can get caught up in the mundane.
Fear is the opposite of the Blue Sky MInd.
Fear restricts our potential.
When fear arises we think to ourself this is a cloud passing through the sky of the mind.
Try to look at the sky as often as possible.
Try to merge your mind with the sky.
Become one with the sky.
Head in the clouds and feet on the ground.
Grounded and present but at the same time we realize there is a huge vastness ready for the taking if we want it.
Use little reminders.
Use the colour blue to remind you of the blue sky mind.
This blue is the doorway into the vastness.