Clip taken from the Maranasati Retreat held on March 28th.

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It is going to happen.

We are all going to die.

Everyone is going to die.

We need to remind ourself frequently of this.

People in our life are going to die.

All the icons in our world that seem so permanent will all die.

These people who seem so permanent.

Many people we know already have died.

Eventually all this generation will pass.

We must come to terms with this.

Our own death.

Death is total devastation.

Merciless theme.

Meditation on death is comforting. It is the truth about our life.

Death Meditation wakes us up.

I’m going to die – we need to say this to ourself everyday.

Sitting worrying – we think to ourself wake up you fool!

If we don’t tell ourself to wake up nobody else will.

In the past the spiritual guide would help us, but now we are too sensitive.

Classical meditation on death, we need to learn and remember as often as possible.

The side effect of the meditation on death is liberation and enlightenment.

Meditation on death takes us to the full moon of enlightenment.

At the moment we are like the new moon which eventually waxes and becomes the full moon.

We will all attain enlightenment.