The Mindful Mind Meditation

One of the aspects of our training that can be elusive for us is the actualisation of peace, clarity, and relaxation. Although we may associate these experiences with mindful meditation practice, they may not have arisen in our consciousness. Depending on our approach, the effects of mindful practice can seem distant and hard work to obtain.

Sometimes, when practitioners first start to meditate they have a continuous flow of distractions. It seems as though they have more thoughts than before. This process is known as the ‘water- fall effect’. When we train in mindful sitting practices it can seem like a mini-battle is taking place between us, the person who is meditating, and our distractions – with distractions often seemingly coming out victorious. One comment that arises, again and again, amongst new meditators who attend my classes, is: ‘I find it hard to clear my mind. I cannot seem to clear my head of distractions.’

This conclusion can arise because we try to impose peace and calm upon our mind. We have an image of what a clear mind should be like, and we hastily try to fabricate this within. This approach does not help us to abide in the present moment and can cause more stress and activity to arise in our mind.

This guided meditation can help us to avoid this way of approaching our training and empower us to learn how to enjoy our mind, and recognise the peace that resides beyond our dis- tractions. We can learn how to stop battling, forcing and struggling with our thoughts in meditation, and instead, start to enjoy an experience of deep relaxation.

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