Like many events worldwide this last year, the Mindspace Tuscany retreat re-scheduled from 2020 to this coming weekend has been postponed to 2022. 

Travel to Italy at this time of year is a delight, where we get to experience the budding of Tuscan spring. The cool, crisp mornings with pink sunrises, warm lazy afternoons and clear nights ideal for stargazing. 

The retreat is set at a relaxed pace, with enough time to explore the surrounding countryside. Get lost in dreamy rolling vineyards, which run as far as the eye can see up to hill-top medieval villages. Each with its own narrow cobbled streets, cathedral, and of course, delicious gelato stall to help you cool down after your walk to stretch out from the morning of meditation!

With a year of cancelled events, it has been a challenge for anyone involved in organising in-person gatherings and frustrating for those wishing to attend such events. Some have been lucky enough to adapt online and move forward. Others have had to sit tight and wait for the storm to pass. 

As Buddha reminds us, everything is impermanent, which applies to the difficulties and challenges we currently live through. 

So concerning the Mindspace International Retreats, we look to 2022, where we once again plan to run several life-changing experiences in Tuscany and Thailand.

Allow yourself to make a positive intention without fear, stress or doubt. That doesn’t mean you need to book; just setting the intention is a start…wouldn’t it be nice….. enjoy the dream, and you may be surprised what appears later to your mind.

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