Dear friends,

I hope that you are healthy and happy.

Here are few updates for the month ahead.

Daily Sessions.

March 13th marks one year from when we started the Meditate with Adam series, which include practices to help calm and ease the stress within the mind, still as relevant now as they were one year ago. 

For one month, I will be posting at 7.30 pm GMT Meditations via Social Media if you wish to refresh and enjoy. Here is a list of the Meditations we will be enjoying.

This schedule means that the evening group meditations on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday will move to lunchtime. The morning meditations on the remaining days will continue as usual.

Mini Retreats

On March 14th, which is Mothering Sunday, there is a mini-retreat where we explore the theme of Gratitude. An opportunity to refresh your experience of this practice or be introduced to one of the most positive meditations available, functioning as a natural way to uplift the mind.

On the last Sunday of March, it is time again for Maranasati Sunday, where we take our Meditation deeper by contemplating our life and the world’s impermanence.

Looking further ahead in April sees the launch of the new Mindspace term. Mindspace+ will be exploring the theme, Blue Sky Mind: Meditations to Inspire and Transcend. The Mindful Beginner Class will also start for those looking to refresh their essential mindfulness practices.

Warm regards