You may have noticed at Mindspace there has been the opportunity to engage in Group Meditation.

Everyday at the same time each week, we engage in a group meditation, one hour in length.

What are we meant to be doing?  it’s Self Guided!

Ideally abiding in the present moment. Engaging in our chosen meditation practice.

Make a decision what you are going to do.

Try to be disciplined.

Join the entire session or whatever is suitable for you at this time.

I encourage you to sit for that one hour period.

Mind may kick back, these are walls we must break through.

We keep going and become stronger.

Experiment with your practice.

Group Meditation gives us more power.

Building the meditation habit.

At a certain time each day we sit and meditate.

You will start to build up the muscle memory, stamina and discipline.

Ideal practice is you sign in and sign out at the session.

Engage with the session, and you will be more engaged with the meditation.

We are practicing together. We are stronger.

Like birds and cyclists.

Support each other in the group.

We are supporting and providing a focal point for our meditation practice.

I wish you well and thanks for your attention and see you soon.

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