Clip taken from the new Mindspace+ course UPLIFT.

How can we solve all our daily problems?

By getting rid of the cause of our daily problems.

What is the cause of our daily problems?

Negative states of mind.

Without those negative states of mind we wouldn’t have any problems.

Even if a dog comes up and bites our leg. Is that a problem?

If our mind is negative many problems.

f we remove negativity from our mind, we don’t have any problems.

Everyday we need to feel grateful.

A natural uplifter. How fortunate I am.

A dog bites left leg develop gratitude for our right leg!

Many ways of thinking.

We can turn situation around.

t’s up to me. No-one else is going to do for me. Only we can do it by making a decision.

How can i think about this is a way to keep my mind uplifted. If we don’t make decision it’s not going to happen.