Nobody has the power to govern our mind other than ourself. Because we are caught up in the material world, we get all caught up in governments and leaders, almost to the point where there is no consideration or thought about who is governing our mind. Who are we voting in today to govern our mind? Everyday we vote in somebody. every morning we wake up and we make a decision. Today I am going to vote for, and then we tick that box. Could be compassion, humility, wisdom, gratitude, or could be anger, pride, discontent, attachment, self-centeredness. Then if we go around the day governed by self-centeredness, we will blame the people around us and our governments for making us the way we are. We put all responsibility in the hands of every body else apart from ourself. In reality we can govern our own mind and ideally be governed by compassion and humility. Clip taken from Find your Zen course, find out more here:

Mindspace+ Find your Inner Zen (Course and Book)