Uplift the mind as we live through the current challenges

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2020 has been a challenging year for everybody, possibly the most challenging on record. Whether physically, mentally, financially, emotionally or all of the above.

Words like unprecedented have been used so many times it has lost its power to move us.

Previous worries may have become exasperated, exaggerated, and due to having fewer places to go to distract ourselves, it may have appear as though our stress has heightened.

However the year is not yet over!

There are two more months left and I am delighted to offer a new Mindspace+ course leading us through to the end of the year entitled

Guided meditations to lift our mind during challenging times.

I firstly introduced this theme on a six day retreat in Tuscany back in 2019 which shared the title of the same name. Some of you listening may have been on this retreat or wanted to go on it.

We discover how to transcend the stress and difficulties that drag the mind down during the day and how we can keep our mind uplifted during the most challenging of circumstances.

Everything depends upon our mind – how we chose to feel and react is up to us.

Meditation gives us the power to discover this first-hand for ourselves, feeling empowered to be strong, peaceful and happy.

All the guided meditations from this series are designed to uplift the mind so at the end of each session you feel happier, more positive and confident with your mind, life, and world.

The eight week series looks like this:

How we can uplift our mind during challenging times.

Our Human Potential
Identify with our incredible potential.

Gold Mind
Having a mind that glows each day with positivity

Forever blowing bubbles
Learning to see through the bubbles of stress

Keeping our Head
When all around us are losing theirs

Joyful Mind
Keeping joy in our heart during the festive season

Wishing Love
Sharing our good heart with others

Uplifting Future
Setting a positive and peaceful resolution