For many people they don’t currently have the chance to get out into nature. Going into nature helps us to reduce stress, slow down, feel calmer, reduce blood pressure, open up creativity, and strengthen our immune system.

With this two hour walk here is your chance to experience this virtually.

There is nature to look at and enjoy, and the sounds of the trees and the rain on the umbrella, sometimes quite towards the last third of the walk.

Autumn has arrived in England and we are now enjoying seeing the impermanence of all things, the changing colour on the trees and the beautiful different shades…

Enjoy, let me know your thoughts and experience from coming on the walk!Join me on a Nature Walk in the Autumnal English Countryside. This video is narrated by the sounds of nature, there is no music or talking.

Enjoy walking along an old railway track, through the woods, and next to the canal; for most of the video there is also the relaxing sound of rain.

The sound of rain on the umbrella becomes more apparent from around eighty minutes into the walk.

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