On Sunday I led a Zen retreat in Cannock Chase – these were the concluding words, I hope they can help you!

The main retreat is the journey here and the journey away.
That is the main indication of how the retreat has affected you.

Ideally ease your way back into daily life. Carry what you have done.

A retreat is a platform for further training. A little bit more awareness. Feeling ok with silence.

From time to time not doing anything.

Instead of going for the phone or remote, just sit.

Just sit.

Give yourself the chance to process life.


Detox your mind.

Everyday life – you can have a retreat in your daily life.

Part of your mind has this peace from your meditation.

Morning meditation – establish for as long as you can.

Morning meditation will transform your day.

Ideally conclude your day with meditation.

Start the day with a positive intention, and at the end of the day review your day. How was it?

Encourage yourself self and go again. That is the most important thing. On the path of meditation, if you want to keep going you have to establish the habit of encouraging yourself.

When we go out of here (the retreat) there aren’t cheer leaders waiting for us. Nothing; not much encouragement for meditation.

We need to find a way to encourage ourself.

We say to ourselves ‘well done’, ‘good effort’. Instead of thinking that was hard or difficult we encourage ourselves. Was it hard or easy, it was just meditation, it is what is is.

I took a whole day out of my life to do some meditation. Whatever happened just arriving is enough. How many retreats like this are going on like this across the world today. Not many. How many people are just sitting. Not many.

It’s rare and precious what we have done, encourage yourself and go forth into a positive zen life.

Thank you for coming and I wish you all the best.