At the beginning of any action we engage in, it can be beneficial to establish and clarify our intention, if we can do this, it can help to direct the energy of our activities of body, speech, and mind.

Likewise, at the beginning of the month, we can set our intention for the days ahead.

Even writing down what our intention is and what we wish to accomplish or practice this month.

As the days go by, we can check and refresh our intention.

Once the month has concluded, we reflect on our actions, develop gratitude for the opportunities we have had, rejoice in our positive actions, and set our intention once again for the new month ahead.

If we have something we wish to accomplish that takes time and practice, and we approach our years, months, weeks, and day like this, we can achieve anything.

With a focused approach to our intention, we can swiftly fulfil our aims and be of great benefit to those around us.