If our mind is focused, then we have an incredibly powerful ally in our life.

Mindful Meditation practices, in general, help us to focus the mind; in particular, the training when we follow the journey of our breath around the body can be beneficial.

We notice the sensation of the breath as it enters our nostrils, recognising the cool feeling, we follow its journey into our lungs and notice the exhale as the breath leaves the body, identifying the sensation again at the nostrils but this time a warm experience.

Without interruption, we follow the breath again as it returns into our body and proceed to follow the above instructions.

We try to engage in this practice without allowing the mind to drift. If the mind drifts which it naturally does, we guided it back to the breath wherever on the journey around our body it may be and start again to focus.

We take a broad focus, but at the same time precise, so that our mind can be subtle, concentrate, and also relaxed.