Mindful walking has many benefits and can help to reduce anxiety in our mind. I encourage those who are experiencing heightened stress and anxiety to start with this practice, instead of sitting down and attempting to meditate. Why? It can be beneficial to connect with our body and ground ourselves into the present moment without overthinking. Mindful walking helps to bring us into the present moment immediately. We can feel we are moving gently into the moment, moving away from the past without force.

This form of mindful movement allows us to slow down both our body and mind and let go of the tension that has built up in the upper half of our body.As we take each step, we allow the stress and anxiety to dissolve into the ground beneath us.

Physical exercise has many benefits for our body and mind, combining this with a mindful awareness gives us a beneficial practice to get started along the mindful path. Once we have some experienced of mindful walking, we can then try sitting and engaging in mindful meditation, and we will find we have a stable foundation for our training.

Read about Mindful Walking in Chapter 5 of Guide to the Mindful Way of Life.