What is the best way to start the day?

With a wholesome breakfast to give us the energy to accomplish our tasks during the morning?

Or a peaceful mental breakfast where we feed our mind so we can stay calm during the morning?

If we wish to experience peace during the day, there needs to be a peaceful power inside of us.

Our intellect cannot bring peace into our life.

We can study peace, but experiencing it is a different matter.

In the same way that we can study food, but tasting it is totally different, and a million times more satisfying!

For your instincts to be peaceful, there needs to be a profound experience beneath the head.

I encourage students who attend my classes to try and meditate as soon as they arise, giving them the best possible opportunity to be influenced by a peaceful mind throughout the day.

In this way we have a peaceful mental breakfast which we can then enjoy our physical breakfast with, making us empowered both mentally and physically for the day.