How many opportunities have we had to sit and practise meditation, but we chose to engage in an alternative action?

The action of meditation is the cause of mental peace.
If we wish to experience inner peace, we need to engage in the practice of meditation.

Days, weeks, and months can go by when we can take an alternative option.

Sitting down to meditate at any time in our busy life is a revolutionary act.

It is a habit that we can acquire. Like any habit, we make a start, then repeat, again and again.

There is no secret recipe for bringing peace into our life, simply, sitting down regularly and engaging in meditation, and then applying our experience into daily life.

We are encouraging ourselves to sit when perhaps we don’t want to.

Our mind proclaims:

‘I am too tired to meditate!’
Meditation can help us to feel less tired.

‘I must watch this next episode on Netflix!.
We can watch the series of Inner Peace in our mind.

‘I must catch up on my Instagram!’.
We can scroll the feed of our distracting thoughts without liking any of them.

When there are one million things that we have the option of doing, but we choose to meditate.