Meditation has a myriad of benefits for our mental and physical health.
Another benefit that arises from the continuous practice of meditation is an improvement in our relationships.
As our mind becomes progressively more peaceful, our responses are more considered and can be governed and influenced by compassion.
We can improve a relationship within the quiet space of meditation.
We can bring to mind someone who perhaps we have a challenging experience with and wish for them to find peace and happiness. We can send our best wishes to them.
If we do this in meditation, it can influence the relationship, and we may find the next time that we see them there is a change in the way that they respond to us.
We can determine in the space of our meditation that we are going to have a positive mental attitude towards the person.
If there is a relationship in our life, whether it is a home or work and wish to improve it, try changing your mind towards the person in the quiet space of meditation and see what happens.
There may be an instant result, or it may take time, either way, only good can come from establishing a positive mind towards those in our life.