For the majority of us, we hold a lot of tension in our face. Why? We spend the majority of our time in our head.

In meditation, if we are patient, we can gradually reduce the tension in our entire body, starting with our face and head.

In this short explanation, we are going to explore an effective method for reducing the pressure built up in our face. This method can initially be applied in sitting meditation and later introduced during the day in micro-meditations when we are engaged in our daily activities.

We sit in a comfortable posture.

Resting and relaxing into the present moment.

Taking a few long mindful breaths that bring our attention into the present moment.

We start to notice the sensations in our face.

Becoming aware of them, placing our attention on them.

Sitting and noticing.

As we breathe in, we allow our posture to straighten.

As we breathe out, we gently allow our face to relax.

From inside we notice our face, just becoming aware.

Allow our mind and body to relax as we sit in the present moment.

Start to allow the tension in your face to drain down through your body into the ground.

Engage with this process for as long as you can.

When you are ready to finish the session, determine to carry your mindful awareness into your day for the benefit of everybody in your life.

During the day, from time to time, notice your face and the tension that arises, engage in the same relaxation process and enjoy the effects.

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