Starting the day with a compassion intention can provide us with the energy we need to sustain a positive mental attitude.

In the same way that we may choose to feed and energise our body to keep us going through the day, so it is helpful to feed our mind. Meditation gives us this energy.

In particular, the meditation on compassion will give us the power to work on behalf of others and try to use our life most beneficially.

Not only does the meditation on compassion gives us energy for the day, but it also provides us with new fresh energy and a creative approach to the work that we are engaging in.

We can ask ourselves the question during the day:

How can I benefit as many people as possible?

Is this work that I am engaging in the best possible use of my time?

How can I use and grow the skills that I have to be of the most benefit to others?

How can I sustain and grow my compassionate intention?