When we meditate, we will encounter our thoughts. Often it can appear that there are more thoughts in our mind than before we meditated. We can try to use the practice of meditation to rid our mind of thoughts and attempt in our daily life to suppress negative thoughts when they arise or portray ourself to the world as a person who does not have such feelings.

Thoughts are not the problem; it is the way that we relate to them that will govern whether they are an issue. If we can take this approach to our thoughts in meditation, we will come to enjoy a far more expansive feeling when we sit down.

When thoughts come, we will have a more inviting attitude to as they arise and gain insight into the working of our mind. We will come to see that our thoughts are indeed ethereal. They come and go like clouds in the sky of mind. We have the freedom to chose whether we entertain them or not. We have the freedom to chose whether they are a problem for us.

In the same way that a challenge situation in our life does not have to be a problem if we don’t label it as such – so our thoughts do not need to be if we can relate to them in a peaceful, relaxed way.