A seasoned surfer goes looking for waves; they don’t shy away from them. When they find them, they act as a source of great joy for them and are thrilled to have the opportunity to ride them!

Without any knowledge of surfing, waves can poise issues for us, meaning we will shy away.

I use this surfing analogy in chapter seven of Guide to the Grateful Way of Life, where we explore the theme Grateful Adversity.

We have cultivated our mind to the point where we can start to develop gratitude for the challenges that arise in our life.

We have learned how to see problems in a new way. Just as a surfer learns to see waves in a way that can benefit

With a trained mind, adverse conditions help us to cultivate compassion, patience, wisdom, acceptance. We can strengthen our mind, so it becomes happy and peaceful, regardless of what is arising in our life.

When I teach, I reveal this is my favourite theme from all of Buddha’s teaching. As I believe through training in this technique, we can empower and develop our mind at all times during life, building up resilience and emotional intelligence, which are vital practices for us in these times.

Written by Adam Dacey
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