When we sit down to meditate there are a few adjustments we can make to our posture combining the process with our breath to enhance our awareness and focus — a practice which helps to establish us in the moment and a foundation for more profound meditation.

We follow our breath as it comes into our body, as it arrives we gently allow our back to straighten and notice our connection with the floor beneath us.

As we breathe out, we allow the muscles in our body to relax, our shoulders to drop, and our hands to rest.

We engage in the same process again on the in-breath and then the out-breath.

We can do this as many times as we wish, helping to wake our mind and body up to the present moment.

Following this, we can engage in our chosen meditation practice.

Consequently, as a result of training like this, we can engage in micro versions of this practice throughout the day, helping us to connect with the present moment, improving our posture, breathing and circulation.