When we walk into a room, we tend to take a general perspective — not usually taking in detail straight away. If our eyes are attracted to detail, we may choose to zoom in, but generally, in the first instance, we zoom out. We have the mental capacity to zoom in whenever we wish.

Our mind has a tremendous capacity to focus if we choose, while also having the ability to have a broad awareness.

We can use and cultivate both of these abilities in our meditation practice.

We can learn to focus single-pointedly, for example, on the subtle sensation of the breath at the tip of the nostrils, which we do on week three of the beginner course. We can move to take a broad awareness of the activity of the mind, watching thoughts like clouds in the sky of our mind, which we explore on week four in the session entitled mindful mind.

The mind can zoom into detail; it is helpful for the detail that we choose to entertain to be positive, or virtuous; this means that our mind can remain strong and uplifted.

Within our life, we have are so many options for what we choose to focus our attention on, it makes senses to align our sense of focus with what we wish to experience.

If we want to experience happiness and peace, we need to focus on that which produces that. Through training in Meditation, we can train ourselves so that we can ensure happiness continuously arises in our mind by zooming into that which produces it, and zooming out to be able to see everything that arises in our mind in perspective.

Written by Adam Dacey
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