A peaceful mind initially arises when we can pacify the thoughts within the mind.

There are different levels of peace that we can experience.

Firstly it can be helpful to turn our attention inwards away from distractions.

As we start to look at our mind in a non-judgmental way, our thoughts begin to calm. Our mind gathers, and peace begins to arise.

Inner peace is not far away; we do not need to travel to any external destination to access it.

Inner peace is an inner destination and experience arising from a pacified mind.

Meditation is one of the swiftest direct methods to access the peace within our mind.

It is encouraging to appreciate that we all have the potential to experience peace in our mind, regardless of our external circumstances.

Making a habit of turning our attention inwards during the day begins to initiate the process.

When we can start to access the peace in our mind, contentment and happiness begin to arise, thereby naturally improving the quality of life.