A few days ago a shelving unit was delivered to my house.

Taking your time to assemble an item like a shelving unit (!) can help increase one’s mindful awareness and gratitude.

Self assembly can be a stressful experience if we are rushing and not prepared to slow down.

If we can pause take a breath and gather our focus and attention, we can increase the speed of assembly and have an enjoy experience.

Taking the process one step at a time, and as my dear Grandfather used to say, ‘always follow the instructions’.

Mindful awareness encourages us to slow down and be in the present moment, added to this if we can bring gratitude to mind, our experiences becomes happy and uplifting.

I ordered the unit online and three days later it arrived from China. For this to occur millions of peoples hard work was been required. Both physically and analytically – to create the software for such a network to flow seamlessly.

Gratitude provides us with eyes to see this. The assembly of a shelving unit can be another opportunity for us to train in Gratitude and Mindful awareness.

My experience was enjoyable, and as well as being another chance to strengthen these precious minds, I also had a fully functioning shelving unit to enjoy using!

With a creative approach to our training of the mind we can transform all our activities.