If we have a certain amount of money in our bank account and spend it over a period without investing any more gradually, the amount will reduce; finally, we’re left with zero.

When the eight-week course ends, I say to students now is the time to start practising and investing in our minds.

Upon completion, we can plateau for several weeks riding on the energy we have created. However, if we do not decide to continue training our mind, we will find ourselves, before we know it, mentally back where we started. So when the new course starts, after the break, we have to start again with zero in the account.

With a skilful strategy, we can increase the mental investment as well as enjoying the fruits of it; this requires continual daily practice and a decision to keep training our mind regardless of what is taking place in our life.

One member of the class recently commented that she had built up a steady, daily meditation practice, she encountered a challenging period in her life, where she found herself extremely busy and distracted. Consequently, she completely stopped meditating. Why is this the case? Simply because her intention was not quite strong enough.

Our decision to practice having contemplated the great benefits is what will direct and navigate us forward, encouraging us to invest in our future mental health.

Written by Adam Dacey
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