When training in mindful meditation we focus on the present moment.

Mindful meditation provides a stable foundation for making progress with our calm abiding.

This method of training the mind is a powerful way to reduce stress and calm anxiety.

It is helpful to appreciate that the present moment is made up of past moments. It doesn’t exist in isolation.

When we train in gratitude meditation, we remember the kindness of those who have come before us.

We can recognise the kindness of our ancestors.

It is helpful to remember when we train in gratitude; the kindness of others depends upon what we receive from them, not what their intention is.

We can appreciate that our life now depends on those who have come before.

Researching our family tree as well as being fascinating, can be a helpful way to train in gratitude for appreciating what we have now. We appreciate and offer thanks to those who have come before us.

We recognise the lineage we stand in and remember gratitude.

Across Asia and some parts of Africa, families will have ancestor shrines. They act as a reference point to remember and offer gratitude to those who have come before us.

It can be helpful in our house to have a reminder of our ancestors as a way to appreciate our past and give us renewed energy for making the most of our time here.

Written by Adam Dacey
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