Gratitude assists us in appreciating the richness of our life right now.

This precious mental attitude encourages us to see what we currently have and rejoice in it, bringing a sense of fulfilment and contentment into our life.

If we can establish this approach as our foundation, each day, each week, each month, and year will be relaxed and fruitful.

Relaxation arises when the mind stops competing; we can step back and enjoy how far we have come. Based on this, we can develop in a peaceful, meaningful, and compassionate manner.

We water the grass beneath us and take care of it.

The grass may appear a greener shade far away in the distance, but if we water the grass directly beneath us right now, the positive effects will nurture and inspire our mind.

Written by Adam Dacey
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Observing but not judging

We sit in meditation and observe what is arising in our body and mind. We notice the sensations as they arise. We hear the sounds around us. The smells. We become aware of our posture. We rise and fall with our breathing. We see the mind playing, but don’t encourage...

Adjust Posture with Meditation

When we sit down to meditate there are a few adjustments we can make to our posture combining the process with our breath to enhance our awareness and focus — a practice which helps to establish us in the moment and a foundation for more profound meditation. We follow...

Zoom in, Zoom Out

Through training in Meditation, we can train ourselves so that we can ensure happiness continuously arises in our mind by zooming into that which produces it, and zooming out to be able to see everything that arises in our mind in perspective.

A Peaceful Mind

As we start to look at our mind in a non-judgmental way, our thoughts begin to calm. Our mind gathers, and peace begins to arise.


This state of mind is possible with a clear determination and an insight into the workings of our mind.

Assembled with Gratitude

Taking the process one step at a time, and as my dear Grandfather used to say, ‘always follow the instructions’.

Investment for the Mind

With a skilful strategy, we can increase the mental investment as well as enjoying the fruits of it; this requires continual daily practice and a decision to keep training our mind regardless of what is taking place in our life.

Soft Eyes

When our mind is calm and positive, we regard the world in a lighter manner.


If we happily create the causes, slowly and mindfully, the effects will take care of themselves.


It is helpful to appreciate that the present moment is made up of past moments. It doesn’t exist in isolation.

Umbrella Mind

The umbrella to anger is patience.
The umbrella to confusion in our mind is wisdom.

Uniting our Meditations with the Breath

The breath is our anchor to the present moment, and we can flavour it with whatever theme we wish to gain a deeper experience of.

Acclimatising to the Adversity.

We could see each week of the training as ascending 1000 metres up a mountain. If this is done gradually and carefully, by the time we reach chapter 7, the equivalent of 7000m, we can breathe are primed and ready to enjoy the experience, exhilaration, and view.

A Strategy for the Mind

When we encounter challenging situations, we need a strategy for our mind, how we choose to relate to the circumstance.
Daily meditation practice gives us the objectivity to be able to pause and step back; this doesn’t have to be for a long time, even one moment.

Find a Mission.

Self-development truly begins when we dare to move beyond the self and consider what we can do with our life to be of service to others.

A few thoughts on sleep

We pay attention to our habits around sleep. What we do leading up to sleep will govern the quality of our dreams and waking process. One suggestion is to disconnect, even leave our mobile outside of the bedroom, so we can start to create a habit whereby we don't feel...

The grass is greener where you water it.

The grass may appear a greener shade far away in the distance, but if we water the grass directly beneath us right now, the positive effects will nurture and inspire our mind.

Example is the best teacher

‘The teacher who is indeed wise, does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.’

The Grateful Mantra

We pause, breathe in, remember gratitude, remember the words, allow the mind to rest in gratitude, breathe out, remember others kindness, move on with a positive, focused mind.

Power Pausing

Think of the moments during your day you could pause, step back, take a breath; begin to weave these pauses into your day so they start to become a habit.

Going to Inner Space to Benefit Earth

Here at Mindspace, we are focused on helping you to travel to inner space. To journey into the mind. To go further and further into one’s mind, to discover within, the solution to all your problems.

The Invisible Kind Chain

If we can become aware of this kind chain of cause and effect, it will help us to develop gratitude, lift our mind, and encourage us to develop an appreciation towards everyone around us.

Meditation for Weddings!

I always say in the retreats that I guide that when we engage in meditation practice not only are we helping the person who we currently are – we are investing in our future self and our future relationships.

Don’t serve them tea!

If we can keep our mind open and relaxed in meditation – inviting thoughts but not entertaining them, we can move into a very chilled sitting practice. We can step back from the busyness of our distracting thoughts, reduce the tension and aggression in the mind, and discover a working objectivity, that allows us to gain an insight into the functioning of our mind.

Autumn Leaves

If we accept change, we can let go of the stress and anxiety held within our heart and start to enjoy each moment of our precious, short life. We empower ourselves to pay attention to what is happening right now.

Buddhas first words…

Our approach to issues will become much more strategic; empowering us to rapidly move beyond the minor frustrations of human life. We become able to cultivate an unbiased compassion for our fellow citizens who also share the same predicament as us.

Just Eat

One straightforward method for integrating a mindful meditation into our daily life is to take the time when you eat or drink to do just that! Consider during the day the habits that you may have built up around mealtimes. When you take breakfast, what else are you...


After engaging with this process when we go into our life, our senses will be heightened our awareness awakened, our heart softened, and an appreciation that there is more to our life than increasing its speed.


Let us imagine that you are engaged in a duel of swordsmanship of the kind that used to take place in ancient Japan. As you meet your opponent, you are unceasingly watchful, set, ready.


Reflect on any daily activity that you do and ask yourself if you can just do it and nothing else.

Just driving.
Just walking.
Just eating.
Just listening.
Just boiling a kettle!

Whatever it is – just do it.