Once we have experienced some of the great benefits of meditation, it is natural to want those we care about to discover them.

To be able to influence those around us requires skill, patience, and compassion.

If someone close to us is anxious and worrying, one of the most helpful ways for us to help them is to stay calm within our own mind. That is to be influenced by our meditation practice.

The most effective way to help those around us benefit from meditation is to deepen our practice and show an example; over time, they will come to recognise the benefits.

In the same way, if our mind is not calm, to tell ourself to calm down is not particularly helpful. The most skilful way to calm down is to calm the mind using practices that we have learned; likewise, the most skilful way to help those around us to feel calmer and stop worrying is to be there for them and keep a calm attitude.

This approach requires patience, resilience, and daily practice, and can be applied to a single relationship and also influencing a school or business.

An example is the best teacher.

‘The teacher who is indeed wise, does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.’
Khalil Gibran