This week in the live Mindful classes, we are exploring the theme Mindful Eating.

One of the critical components with this training is having the ability to pause before we eat. Not necessarily for long; just enough to gain clarity of mind, perspective, and objectivity.

This pausing could be as simple as taking a few mindful breaths, saying a several words of gratitude, just looking at the food in front of us and considering the invisible kind chain. If we can do this each time we eat, we rapidly bring a mindful practice into the heart of our life.

Pausing during the day brings power, energy, and inspiration to our mind. Mindful eating can be a doorway to this experience.

Looking creatively at our life, we can see many times during the day, that instead of speeding up and racing forward – we could slow down, pause, take stock, rest, and recover.

Think of the times during your day you could pause, step back, take a breath; begin to weave these moments into your life so they start to become a habit.

Essentially we are power charging our mind, in the same way, that we charge our phone, we now charge our mind.

If we can look after our mind each day, it will look after us.

Written by Adam Dacey
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