We have the mental capacity to create technology to travel far into outer space and soon we will be able to enjoy orbital and suborbital flights.

When we take off in an aircraft and look down at the world around us, we can have a new sense of perspective; a shedding of the stress that we had when we were on the ground. We can appreciate, although when we are caught up in it, our life seems hugely significant, in the scheme of things we are a speck in the vast universe.

When we look out of the window and allow our mind to reflect we may enjoy a brief sense of perspective, this can quickly pass, and before too long we are once again preoccupied and distracted with our daily existence.

Here at Mindspace, we are focused on helping you to travel to inner space. To journey into the mind. To go further and further into one’s mind, to discover within, the solution to all your problems.

As you embark on this journey, you will discover the wealth of peace inside you.

Human beings are now creating the technology to travel to outer space to discover the incredible universe around us.

What is inspirational to appreciate is that we already have the technology to travel to the vast inner space within our mind.

We can discover this knowledge and if we can reduce distractions in our life start to take that journey.

The difference between inner space travel and outer is that physically, we don’t need to go anywhere.

Each time we make the inner journey when we return, we can benefit the earth around us. How is that?

We are more peaceful, calmer, kinder, considerate, other-focused.

We can be motivated more by compassion than ego.

We find it easier to develop gratitude rather than disregard, and we have an inner peace that we carry around with us continuously and we are able to draw inspiration from this peace in our waking and sleeping life.

Written by Adam Dacey
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