We are connected to the world around us.

In the grateful coffee video, I talked about this concerning the coffee that we may drink.

If we can pause and take our time when drinking coffee, we can start to see the invisible kind chain.

It is the same for everything that we consume and use.

Take a single product that you have eaten or drunk today. It most likely has been transported from the other side of the world so that you can enjoy it. That journey has directly depended on millions of people.

When we are training in gratitude, we say that this is the kindness of others. Regardless of their intention, as we receive direct benefit, we are on the receiving end of others hard work.

If we slow down, pause, and take our time to breathe, it will be possible to connect with this.

If we can become aware of this kind chain of cause and effect, it will help us to develop gratitude, lift our mind, and encourage us to develop an appreciation towards everyone around us.

Written by Adam Dacey
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