I remember taking a walk in mid-summer, and a leaf fell from a tree gently onto my face, it was a reminder of change.

If we are not accepting of impermanence when it arises, it can be shocking and stressful. However, if we notice the continuous signs around of us when a significant change occurs in our life, it does not need to come as such a surprise, and we can keep a stable mind.

The change in seasons can remind us of impermanence. Take a mindful walk in nature and witness each day new colours during the gradually autumnal change. We can only enjoy these contrasting colours due to impermanence.

Change is inevitable, continuous, relentless, undeniable.

However much we try to resist change – it is occurring moment by moment,

Autumn can remind us that the beauty in our world is only able to appear to our mind due to the impermanent nature of our existence.

If we accept change, we can let go of the stress and anxiety held within our heart and start to enjoy each moment of our precious, short life. We empower ourselves to pay attention to what is happening right now.

Written by Adam Dacey
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