A common question arising in the live classes that I teach is, ‘When is a good time to meditate?’

I often describe the routine of the Dalai Lama who makes time both in the morning and evening to practice.

If we can establish this two-time approach within our lives, we will begin to notice the beneficial effects of meditation throughout the day.

We start the day with an intention, peace in mind, and a sense of objectivity, so we can develop the ability not to be swept up by external circumstance. We conclude the day by processing what has happened, letting go, and improving a calm mind that we can carry to sleep with us. As we end our evening session, we try to set our intention once again for the following day.

With a structured practice like this, we build the foundation for a life that can be influenced by peace and calm. Over time we, and all the people around us, will start to experience all the benefits.

Whatever the amount of time we commit to our training, we make a start. It could be an hour each time, or it could be as low as a minute, either way, we gradually increase our capacity.

Written by Adam Dacey
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