Read reviews from the Mindspace, Autumn, Weekend-Retreat in the Lake District, 2019.

Great course with lots of food for thought. Very interesting seeing things from a different perspective.

Sonia (Nov 2019)

I enjoyed it. It made me relax and feel very peaceful and happy. Helping me to learn how to relax.

Ulayit (Nov 2019)

I really enjoyed the course, especially the mindful eating session. Overall I found the whole course very enjoyable.

Judith - (Nov 2019)

Found the course helpful and improved my concentration.

Beryl (Nov 2019)

Excellent. Felt very relaxed and positive after every session. The e-resources are very good. 

Deb (Nov 2019)

Good content. Good practice, methods and materials.

Angelina (Nov 2019)

Great. Very good.

Richard (Nov 2019)

Very good. I appreciated the gentle pace of the course.

Richard (Nov 2019)

I loved it. Found some great analogies I carry with me and throughout life. Brilliant techniques in the book too.

Daniel (Nov 2019)

Great couse. I found it hard to concentrate at times. I think with practice it would be great to apply it to everyday life.

Fouzia (Nov 2019)

Informative and interesting. Clear modelling of how to complete different mindful practices.

Kate (Nov 2019)

The course was very good. I particularly like the break out, chat, catch up sessions, where we spoke to each other on the course and formed bonds with one another.

Sara (Nov 2019)

Excellent really enjoyed it. Definitely will continue to the next course.

Georgina (Nov 2019)

Great course. Learned a lot over the weeks. Good that it is an hour as enough time to take in the information. Nice group of people, very comfortable environment.

Amy (Nov 2019)

Very good, Adam is an effective teacher. It helped having the online resources as well.

Helen (Nov 2019)

Fantastic! Brilliantly delivered. I loved Adams personality and humour, this really shone through. Learned a lot and will look at booking more 🙂

Wayne (Nov 2019)

It was good overall, enjoyed the sleeping exercise and the mindful eating week.

Yael (Nov 2019)

I thought it was very interesting. I learned quite a lot about how to relax and to absorb positive energy.

Zahra (Nov 2019)

I found the course very interesting and an insight. Very helpful given my personal situation.

Mark (Nov 2019)

Very enjoyable and useful. Information on relaxing and clearing your thoughts.

Chris (Nov 2019)

Really enjoyed doing this. Have tried lots of different meditation styles with little success. Have not been able to clear my mind. Adams approach has been so much better for me.

Amanda (Nov 2019)

This was a fantastic course.  I will definitely be back for future courses. I think the way that things were split up over weeks but built on each other, really help me to understand the concepts.

Polly (Nov 2019)