We can often spend time waiting for our lucky break. Whether this is from a prospective employee, prospective partner, lottery win, promotion at work, acceptance into a select group or acknowledgement by a prestigious institution. Whatever the break may be, our sense of satisfaction may require the achievement of it before being we allow ourselves to be completely fulfilled.

What reflecting on gratitude allows us to appreciate is that we are already have had our lucky break, and our still having it every moment.

Our ‘lucky break’ doesn’t depend upon our external circumstances but more how we choose to relate to what is arising in our life.

Gratitude allows us to filter our world through a mind of appreciation and contentment. We permit ourselves to feel fulfilled with what is happening each day, instead of continuously feeling that we have to chase after the next accomplishment and external acknowledgement.

I was delivering a series of Mindspace training sessions at a public organisation in central Birmingham a few years ago. It was a prestigious institution, renowned for being highly competitive for employment entry. After a session, one of the employees shared with me; she had worked hard and jumped through many hoops to acquire the position. Now having been given the job, and supposedly getting her lucky break, she felt stressed, unfulfilled, and disappointed. Hearing this kind of experience is not uncommon in my work.

The external lucky breaks can glitter when they are on the horizon, but, what we may not see is that with their acquisition come new challenges. If we can give ourselves ‘lucky breaks’ each day by reflecting on our existing good fortune, we build a foundation of happiness within our mind.

This attitude will let us enjoy a stream of satisfaction and mental stability that arises from within. We empower ourselves by placing the responsibility for our happiness into our own hands. This positive approach helps us to avoid holding onto a lingering feeling of resentment towards others. Try it today, give yourself that lucky break you’ve been waiting for! Read more about Gratitude here.