In the UK during early autumn the sun rises around 6.30 am, by approximately 7.00 am, the sky is completely illuminated. It is a perfect time to engage in meditation.

Morning meditation creates a flavour of peace in our mind throughout the day and allows us to set our intention for the day ahead.
If we go into the day without starting with meditation, it can feel as though we are chasing our tail. Prone to reacting to situations instead of taking the time to reflect before we respond.

Morning meditation empowers and imbues our mind with positive energy which we can draw from throughout the day.

As the sun rises in the morning, it illuminates the world. If while this is taking place, we can simultaneously engage in meditation practice, we are allowing ourselves to rise with the day mentally.

If we rise early in the morning when we start to meditate with our eyes closed, the world is dark. If we meditate for around 30 minutes or so, as we open them towards the end of our session, everything has become illuminated.

Buddhas attained his experience of enlightenment at sunrise. If we can start to make our morning practice a regular and motivated activity, there is no reason, why we can’t also enjoy deep insights.