Reviews from Sutton Coldfield Mindful Meditation Class

Great course with lots of food for thought. Very interesting seeing things from a different...

Twice a Day Keeps The Stress Away.

A common question arising in the live classes that I teach is, ‘When is a good time to meditate?’

Ebook for Guide to the Mindful Way of Life

We are delighted to be partnering with Amazon Books to make this available for free in 2020 for those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, pre-order here.

Considering a course but not sure?

You may have been considering attending a course or retreat for sometime but not sure, why not take spend a few minutes reviewing some of the feedback that we have received on Facebook from those who have attended courses and retreats.

Reviews from the Mindful Meditation in the Lake District

Reviews from the Mindful Meditation in the Lake District

Mindful Tour at the Birmingham Art Gallery has launched

We imagine for a short time that we are on this beautiful calm lake – happy to be entirely in the moment – it is like the busyness of the world around us has stopped, and everything has become calm. Discover more here.

Assisting with Mindspace

At Mindspace when booking a live class, Option 2, gives you the chance to assist at the class in exchange for attending the series.
Listen to Heather’s experience of helping at the class in Solihull below.

National Grandparents Day

It’s National Grandparents Day! We can take the special opportunity to remember the kindness our Grandparents and the Grandparents across the world show and have shown us. Read more about #gratitude here

Mindful Tour at the Birmingham Art Gallery

Starting tomorrow, and launching with a guided tour on Thursday, which is World Mental Health Day, I am delighted to be sharing this mindful tour with the visitors of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I hope you can benefit from taking this opportunity to slow down and take some time out of your day to enjoy the calm beneath the busyness of distracting thoughts.

Happy German Reunification Day 2019

On this special day Germany celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, an event which ended almost forty years of division. We share with you these Mindspace Guided Meditations in German.