At one of the live classes that I run in Tettenhall, a gentleman came up to me at the end of the third class, entitled ‘Mindful Breathing’.

During the class, I introduced and guided a series of mindful breathing practices. In the session, we sat together and training in mindful breathing meditation, deepening our experience of these essential instructions. The gentleman shared with me; he has been engaged in mindful breathing for many years, in fact, ever since he was a boy.

He shared with me that his father, from ever since he could remember would come into his bedroom to wake him and his brother up. He would encourage them to walk over to the window, open it, and take three, long, complete mindful breaths. To breathe in the day, bring their attention into the moment, and set their intention for the day.This practice has stayed with him throughout his life, and he couldn’t imagine starting the day without it.

Now retired and living in a house that looks across the beautiful rolling hills of Shropshire, he stills does this practice. Sometimes even encouraging his wife, who isn’t quite as enthusiastic, but appreciates the benefits!

The following morning I tried following the practice he had instructed, yes, I can confirm it is a great way to start the day!

Now with the autumn setting in and the fresh, crisp air to enjoy all around us, there is no better time than to try this out.

However busy you may feel you are, there is always time to take three mindful breaths – outside!