During the first week of the new Mindspace+ course entitled ‘Guide to the Positive Way of Life’ we have been exploring the power of setting a positive intention at the beginning of the day, for example:

‘This morning I am going to keep a positive mind for everyone.’ Then during the morning, we keep an eye on our intention, encouraging it to grow.

When we pause for a break we rekindle our intention…

‘Until lunchtime, I am going to try to keep a positive mind.’

We encourage this intention until lunch.

During lunch, we make the intention again…

In this way we gently carry our intention throughout the day, allowing our mind to be influenced by our decision.

Even before sleep, we can rekindle the intention:
‘During my sleep, I am going to keep a positive mind for everyone and try to wake up with the intention.’

Then upon waking, we start the process again. We approach the training lightly, just sowing the seeds in our mind, not expecting too much from ourselves, just being happy to grow this intention.

I gave the example of when we have a small basil plant in the kitchen, if we water and place it in sunlight then it will flourish and provide us with delicious flavours for our cooking.  If we neglect to take care of it, then quite quickly it will wilt and dry up. The same with our intention, we gently look after it each day and then it will start to guide us into a positive way of life.